Hot Takes and American Baptist Theology Turned SecularizedÔŅľ

I grew up in the Presbyterian church but surrounded by southern evangelicals. The largest denomination in America is the SBC with about 16 million members and four out of the top ten largest denominations are Baptist ( The Assembly of God is in that top five also and if you add up those who identify […]

Temptation and Deliverance

A temptation, then, in general is anything that, for any reason, exerts a force or influence to seduce and draw the mind and heart of man form the obedience which God requires of him to any kind of sin. John Owen (Temptation, Banner of Truth), pp. 10-11 Our society does not like to think in […]


Gather trouble in the sky, From east to west nothing is dry. Darkness collides, piercing light, Loudness grows, hear the quiet. Struggle swirls in the thick, Surrounded fallen in sick. Counsel encompass through the red night Rise and follow the words in the fight. Is there a greater sight in the night through the clouds […]

Massie, DiVos, and Fixing Education

So public education has a new queen.† Trumpís new Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, has created quite the stir.† In addition Congressman Thomas Massie has proposed to eliminate the Department of Education.† All in the same week.† The only way to digest all this, is with some 21 year Balvenie.† Given the nature of these events, […]

Victim Jesus

I write this for several reasons.† First my church is dealing with a controversy surrounding sins that arose in our church dating back to 2002 and 2005.† Secondly, because of the nature of this controversy, there have been number of victims in our church, including friends very close to me and my wife, who are […]

A Brief Marriage Manifesto

This topic is important to address, readdress, teach on again and again and again, because we are running head long into a funnel of confusion and despair. †Driving this despair is a belief that pleasure and fulfillment can be found outside of Godís decretive will. †We have believed the lies of pornography, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, […]