Wine, Communion, and Effeminacy in the Church

The gospel is such good news. It is good news to those who have been Christians for as long as they can remember, and it is good news to those who have just begun in the faith. For the believer, the good news will always be good news. Whether you are a mature Christian or […]

Hot Takes and American Baptist Theology Turned Secularized

I grew up in the Presbyterian church but surrounded by southern evangelicals. The largest denomination in America is the SBC with about 16 million members and four out of the top ten largest denominations are Baptist ( The Assembly of God is in that top five also and if you add up those who identify […]

Reclaiming Conservatism in Media w/ Cade Foehner

Americans, we love our news. We love consuming media. From TV to radio, to podcasting, to social media, we consume media like a chubby fat kid at a Golden Corral Buffet shoving hotdogs into the middle of an old-fashioned American apple pie. We call this “have it your way” media. You are probably watching this […]