Modern Conservatism is Built on Sand

With SCOTUS overturning Roe, the division between right and left citizens, and red and blue states, is only going to harden and further divide this nation. How could it not? One side believes baby killing is a moral good, that it is the great equalizer between man and women, that it is freeing women. The other side believes that murdering babies is wrong, that the family is the building block for society, and that you get hired because you are qualified for the job, not because your skin is a certain color or because you are an alphabet person (LGBTQP*$#). 

For decades, conservatives have come together on the basis of “what we are against” vs. “what are we for”. We were against the FDR socialism policies, we were against JFK, LBJ, and we can’t even remember the presidents in the 70’s, until we get to Reagan. Reagan was good, but even he was an evolving conservative. Bush gave us compassionate conservatism, which has been absolutely destructive to the conservative fight for our country. What we know as conservatism, the conservatism that was birthed out of the 50’s and 60’s, is not really a historic Burkean true conservatism. It is a facade built on sand, instead of on a true foundation.    

Modern conservatism tips its hat to the polytheistic gods, with Jesus as the top god. Modern conservatism is against CRT, wokeness, grooming, “Biden’s inflation”, and more. Even though we can agree that CRT and grooming is bad, this conservatism is really a godless conservatism trying to leech onto some sort of traditional morals and the way of life that you cannot have apart from Christ.

We absolutely reject a Christless, nebulous compassionate conservatism, a conservatism that compromises to its own destruction. 

We need to recover what it means to be truly conservative, we need to recover what I call a faithful conservatism. It is compassionate when called for. It is bold and courageous. It is a fighting conservatism that understands where we have gone wrong as a nation and what it is going to take to get our nation back on track. This faithful conservatism believes in the God who created heaven and earth. It believes in big families, small government, and faithful churches. This faithful conservatism is built on Christ, understands the role of the family, the church, and the government, as defined by God’s word, and it creates a vision that everyone wants to get behind. The tendency to get people to do this, is to push and prod everyone into begrudgingly getting involved, but what we need to do is to cast a faithful conservative vision that feeds people and pulls them along, that gets them excited about truth, beauty, and goodness, that truly fights for a better city, state, and nation, and a faithful conservatism that is truly freeing.


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Gabriel Rench