The Covid Crackdown: Are You Reinforcement, or a Refugee?

Those of you who are awake have probably realized by now that we are living in politically tumultuous times. Particularly if you live in coastal leftist states or Canada. The San Diego School district has already declared that students will be required to masks when school starts up again, or they can of course choose Zoom school instead. D.C. will be requiring all students 12 and up to get the vaccine in order to attend in-person classes, and Canada is resuming random COVID testing for air travelers….sort of like random TSA checks. Can you say theater COVID measures? As a side note, my friend Andrew DeBartolo told me that on his flight back to Canada from the U.S., no one was required to wear masks until they started their descent into Toronto. So, for an hour and a half flight, no one is wearing a mask and the Canadian government thinks they are fighting COVID by requiring people to wear masks for the last 20min of the flight? Tyranny is not reasonable, which is why you must resist it while it is still in its infancy. 

Before we go any further, it has to be said that our countries, the U.S. and Canada, are in this position because fathers and the church have abdicated their responsibilities. We need to learn from this, that in God’s world, if we do not follow His designed order, and in this case, we are talking about how he has ordered the church, family, and civil governments, then the imbalance created by the abdication will give room to one of the other governments taking over that abdicated space. This is called a power vacuum. Because the church and family governments have abdicated their responsibilities, the civil government has been allowed to take greater and greater power. If we want the government to shrink, the church and families need to repent right here. In this very spot.  

So- here we are. States like California and Washington have drifted out of any sense of reason with their mandates. In Canada, the most conservative province is the province that was arresting pastors, while Ontario is just plain crazy. 

One of the things I am grateful for in all this is that God in His kindness has brought together a lot of like-minded pastors, churches, and families who understand the moment that we are in, so they are fighting to figure out the best way forward. The other thing that this COVID moment has revealed, is that a lot of Christians have put themselves in vulnerable situations and are now realizing that they need to make some big changes in their lives. These vulnerable situations include attending a church that has soft leadership, handicapping your children’s futures by enrolling them in public school, living in an unstable local community, fathers lounging in their living rooms instead of leading their families, and even more. This has caused a lot of social, economic, ecclesiastical, and geographical movements in these last two years. Mostly in a declining direction. A lot of people switched churches, moved to a different city, state, or country, or changed jobs, all because of the COVID shakeup. 

If you are in one of these commie government situations, there are two categories I want you to consider. Are you a reinforcement in your land or do you need to seek refugee status in a new community? Are you in a situation where you have a good church, a good community, a good “post” to fight from? Or are you in a position of weakness, with no church, no solid classical Christian school, or a like-minded community? If you have a good post to fight from, don’t leave. Stay and fight. Be an encouragement to your pastor, run for city council, and figure out ways to push back. Don’t abandon that post.


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Gabriel Rench