The First Crime Scene

We are now two years out from 2020, and the lingering tyranny is not going away. This is not a logical tyranny, but- is tyranny ever logical? They are forcing vaccination to stop transmission, but that vaccine does not stop…transmission. This is what you can expect from a President who thinks a man can be a woman and appoints Mitch McConnel as a woman to be the Assistant Health Secretary. 

Some people followed the government out of fear, some out of complacency, and others out of ignorance. The Democrats are trying to spin the COVID pandemic into a Culture pandemic, feeding their lust for power and squeezing all they can out of our fears, complacency, and ignorance. No matter what the reason, we should not have let this happen to America. America was built on men who resisted tyranny. America was built by families fleeing religious persecution. America was built through grit and great difficulty. Our government did not build America. This is why the founders recognized that the government derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed”. The government comes from the people, the government did not build America, people built America and created a government out of that foundation. 

The second crime scene is always worse than the first, and what people don’t realize is that COVID was the second or third crime scene. The first crime scene was abdication, which included parents putting their kids in public schools, the second crime scene was not speaking up, and now you have been successfully conditioned for the third crime scene-the COVID crime scene.  

Right now our military really is a battleground for the taking of our freedoms. Don’t pretend that the forced vaccination policies in the military won’t ever affect you. The military is just an easy control group for the government’s tyranny. Long before all this, the military should have been asking, “What was the first crime scene and why did we not throw down there?” 
What was the first crime scene? Women in the military? Blind submission to our industrial military complex? The massive military spending bills that get passed every couple of years? These are the questions we have to ask if we are ever going to take back our liberties in the military, and in our country.


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Gabriel Rench