Why Conservatives are Losing the Culture War

Like me, I am sure you have watched in awe for decades as conservative politicians get elected in office as a conservative and then govern and legislate as a squishy moderate conservative or even some sort of moderate democrat. It’s a spectrum. Like Facebook’s gender selections. Currently, there are four Republican governors who say they will not end abortion in their state: Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, and Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire. It amazes me that now that the paper-thin roadblock of RoevWade is gone, Republican governors are refusing to end Roe in their states. However, it’s even more amazing that the GOP kicked them out of the party. But I digress. Am I really, surprised? 

Just like liberals who don’t know what it means to be a woman anymore, conservatives don’t know what it means to be conservative anymore. This is why conservatives will build a thriving city, only to turn it over to the liberals 50 years later. Think of Dallas, TX, San Diego, CA, Boise, ID, and more. Why do you never see liberals building thriving cities, only to have conservatives take it over 50 years later? I think part of the answer here, is that the democrats believe in their ideology, while conservatives will compromise on their convictions. They think they are being “wise as serpents, innocent as doves” to accomplish the “greater good”, whatever that means. In reality, they’re slowly sloshing into a sinking pile of sloppy standards.  

Being a conservative in this century means that you loosely hold on to what it means to be a “conservative”. You tip the hat to Judeo-Christian values, to traditional marriage, to the nuclear family, all so that you can get elected. Once in office you play it safe, don’t get into any controversies, and only push legislation that deals with the symptoms and not the root of problems. CRT, groomers in the classroom, keystone pipelines, gun laws, etc, and then we act surprised that democrats get their gay agenda pushed through. The Conservative pretenders lay their cloaks over the puddle of screaming conservatives so the liberals can walk right on over to their trans bathrooms, Obamacare, and so forth. The democrats know exactly how to manipulate situations to get their winning agenda implemented, and yet conservatives blindly believe we are winning when we pass one anti-CRT bill. 

Conservatives think we are winning when we finally get a “respectable” gay Rubin in our camp. 

Conservatives think we are winning when we lower sales tax while increasing our property taxes. 

Conservatives think we are winning when we can get a 15-week ban on abortion.

Conservatives think we are winning when Ron DeSantis passes anti-grooming legislation for our public schools. 
But here is the real deal. Conservatives have unified around what we are against and not what we are for. We are against CRT, we are against grooming, we are against Biden and the socialist policies of the Democrat Party. But what are we for? Besides some sort of vague notion of “family, faith, and freedom”. As we work to rebuild a right and proper view of what it means to be truly conservative, and what it means to be a Christian engaged in politics, we have to cast a vision of “what are conservatives for”.

Gabriel Rench