Reclaiming Conservatism in Media w/ Cade Foehner

Americans, we love our news. We love consuming media. From TV to radio, to podcasting, to social media, we consume media like a chubby fat kid at a Golden Corral Buffet shoving hotdogs into the middle of an old-fashioned American apple pie. We call this “have it your way” media. You are probably watching this […]

Modern Conservatism is Built on Sand

With SCOTUS overturning Roe, the division between right and left citizens, and red and blue states, is only going to harden and further divide this nation. How could it not? One side believes baby killing is a moral good, that it is the great equalizer between man and women, that it is freeing women. The […]

Temptation and Deliverance

A temptation, then, in general is anything that, for any reason, exerts a force or influence to seduce and draw the mind and heart of man form the obedience which God requires of him to any kind of sin. John Owen (Temptation, Banner of Truth), pp. 10-11 Our society does not like to think in […]

A Brief Marriage Manifesto

This topic is important to address, readdress, teach on again and again and again, because we are running head long into a funnel of confusion and despair. Driving this despair is a belief that pleasure and fulfillment can be found outside of Gods decretive will. We have believed the lies of pornography, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, […]