The Covid Crackdown: Are You Reinforcement, or a Refugee?

Those of you who are awake have probably realized by now that we are living in politically tumultuous times. Particularly if you live in coastal leftist states or Canada. The San Diego School district has already declared that students will be required to masks when school starts up again, or they can of course choose […]

Why Conservatives are Losing the Culture War

Like me, I am sure you have watched in awe for decades as conservative politicians get elected in office as a conservative and then govern and legislate as a squishy moderate conservative or even some sort of moderate democrat. It’s a spectrum. Like Facebook’s gender selections. Currently, there are four Republican governors who say they […]

Reclaiming Conservatism in Media w/ Cade Foehner

Americans, we love our news. We love consuming media. From TV to radio, to podcasting, to social media, we consume media like a chubby fat kid at a Golden Corral Buffet shoving hotdogs into the middle of an old-fashioned American apple pie. We call this “have it your way” media. You are probably watching this […]

Modern Conservatism is Built on Sand

With SCOTUS overturning Roe, the division between right and left citizens, and red and blue states, is only going to harden and further divide this nation. How could it not? One side believes baby killing is a moral good, that it is the great equalizer between man and women, that it is freeing women. The […]